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it's little guy's blorg!
5.6.23 - 7PM

back here with a sudden urge, and more irons in the fire.

the biggest one has been taken out-- my college graduation! thank goodness

now, its almost overwhelming to experience the weight of everything else. when has it ever not been overwhelming, though? the cure for overwhelm is to just start, and say, fuck perfection, i don't have the time to waste. i have things i want to say and do, dammit.

i need to do a lot of writing. I can never escape the pressure of words, always this immense pressure to describe my thoughts and feelings the most apt way possible. i need to write a letter to my aunt, then maintain a medication log. I also need to put work into planning the upcoming semesters of work with my organization. I need a job, and I need to work on attaining my license. I wonder where I will be when I look back on this post. maybe it'll be done already and i'll laugh at how much i was terrified of it all and the length of time it took. Or maybe i'll have gotten nothing done months from now. Maybe i'll look at this tomorrow.

i'm back on my adderall today, can you tell? it's okay, drugs will help with the irons! iron LOVES drugs

3.21.23 - 10:35 AM

I suddenly got the urge to begin work on my site. I'm in Environmental Ethics at the moment. Very interesting conversation concerning religion, mystery, and organized religion's taking advantage of this and their virtual industrialization.

Today is a busy day for me. Despite my apprehension, I feel capable. And thirsty.

I know I want a blog portion of my site, but i'm not really sure where to go with this. i guess i will just do with it as i like!